The Sermon as presented by Rev. O. T. Benson on the topic “Characteristics of Praise that Attracts Miracles” on the 21st of March, 2021.

The Superintendent Rev O. T Benson charged the congregation to always praise God despite the situation thus stating that praising God brings miracles. The minister explained praise as an expression of respect, admiration and gratitude as an act of worship to God especially in songs. He also advised the church to apply praise in all aspects of life because even when there are no victorious signs while praying, we see God work miracles in our lives when we praise Him.

Furthermore, the cleric noted that it is not every praise that attract miracles. He therefore pointed out the qualities of praise that attract miracles, blessings and deliverance from God to be:

  • Praise that come from a sanctified heart
  • Praise that comes from a believing heart
  • Praise that is biblical based

He rounded off his sermon by narrating the story of the Israelites which God fought for them ( ), he then led the church into a session of praise and worship.

Direct quotes by Rev. O. T. Benson

“When you sing of the mercies of the lord, praise comes from you.”

“The church should learn to praise God because miracles happen in the place of praise.”

“Praises shake the kingdom.”

“Praises attracts God’s miracles, blessings and deliverance.”

Highlights of the Service

  • Sermon by Rev. O. T. Benson on the topic “Characteristics of Praise that attracts Miracles”
  • Dedication of Newly Robed Choristers
  • Grand Finale of Praise Service Organized by Choir Forum
  • I Love Qua Iboe Church

Media Unit, QIC Ewet Offot

21st March, 2021