God’s Willingness to Give an Evidence

The Sermon as Presented By Mr. Iman Munam On Sunday, 14th March, 2021 on the Topic “God’s Willingness to Give an Evidence”

          The Minister in the person of Mr. Iman Munam urged the congregation that Jehovah is a God of evidences; by proving Himself at all times. The cleric thereby stated that faith is the evidenced of things not seen; likewise, we serve a God of evidence who shows Himself to His children and hear them whenever they call on His name.

          During the course of the services, the minister being filled with the spirit went ahead to sight references concerning how God gives evidences. Thus, it is worthy to note that God answers prayers with evidences as can be seen in the book Matthew 6:6. Moreover, in the boo of Acts 16:33, Barnabas saw an evidence of God’s faithfulness in the church as directed by Paul.

          Another important point to note is in the book of Luke 7:9-21, in which there was an evidence to identify John the Baptist from each other.  More so, there was an evidence to mark Jesus as the son of God through His miracles and wondrous works.

          However, the bible reading was taken from the book of Luke 5:12-15 and it was pointed out that:

  1. The leper had a problem like everyone else
  2. He prayed to God
  3. He had doubts. When people doubt God, they underestimate the power of God
  4. Jesus cleared the leper’s doubt by telling him that “He is willing” to make him whole again.

The cleric concluded the sermon by encouraging the church to always believe in God despite the situation in order to have an evidence from God.

Direct Quotes by Mr. Iman Munam

  •  “It doesn’t matter what people tell you, all that matters is Jesus”
  •  “The Holy Spirit is telling you that “He is willing”
  •  “Faith in God produces good and long-lasting fruits”
  •  “There is an evidence to the fact that there is Jesus
  •  “God’s evidences are never hidden in a man’s life”
  •  “When God is set to bless a man, there is always an evidence”

Highlights of the Service

  • Song by the Main Choir, Youth Fellowship Choir, and Women Fellowship Choir.
  • Sermon by Mr. Iman Munam on the topic “God’s Willingness to give an Evidence”
  • 3rd Anniversary/Fund Raising for QIC, Ikot Edung
  • I Love my Pastor
  • Prophetic Declarations by Rev. O. T. Benson

Media Unit, QIC Ewet Offot

14th March, 2021