Steps to Freedom

Rev. Ubokobong Friday Charges the Church on Her Role on Steps to Freedom During the First Sunday Service (2nd Service) in the Month of March

The cleric began by enlightening the Church about what freedom entails as it has to do with not being under bondage. He went further to admonish the congregation that it is God’s will for Christians to live a free life. The minister therefore stated that being under sickness, bondage, family/generational problems, constant cries is not freedom. Therefore, steps to freedom are:

  1. Accept and acknowledge Jesus into your life as your Lord and Saviour (John 8:35): When a person accepts Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour, that power of sin and stagnation is bound to be broken. Therefore, when you accept Jesus; you are free indeed. When you are in Jesus, there is imputed righteousness in you.
  2. Cry out in the place of prayer: If you need to be free, the you need to say something.
  3. Sing praise and worship to God (Acts 16:25): When a believer sings and praises God wholeheartedly, he/she is bound to be bound.

Direct quotes by Rev. Ubokobong Friday

  1. “When no one is willing to help you, you are not free”.
  2. “When no one is willing to help you, Jesus is willing to help”.
  3. “Accept Jesus and be free”.
  4. “The only thing you need is to tell Jesus to come into your life”.

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Highlights of the Service

  • Song Ministration by Main Choir, and Youth Fellowship Choir
  • Sermon by Rev. Ubokobong Friday on the topic “Steps to Freedom”
  • Prophetic Declarations/Deliverance by Rev. Ubokobong Friday
  • Prayers/Supplications
  • Financial Support for Samuel Bill Theological College