Rev. Ubokobong Friday Charges the Church on Her Role in Restoration During the First Sunday Service (1st Service) in the Month of March, 2021

Rev. Ubokobong Friday charged the Church on restoration. The Lecturer in Samuel Bill Theological College began the sermon by giving definitions of Restoration by looking at it in three aspects. He stated that Restoration is an act of returning something to a former owner, place or condition. He further noted that there are reasons why God is interested in restoring his people.

The reasons as stated by the Cleric are:

  1. To rebuild the wasted & ruined cities (Amos 4:9)
  2. God restores to keep His covenant (Genesis 15:13-14)
  3. God restores His children so that they will sing His praise and worship
  4. him (Exodus 5:1
  5. We are restored to restore others (Luke 22:32)

Furthermore, the Cleric being pointed out the things God has promised to restore to His people:

  1. The joy of our salvation (Psalm 51:12)
  2. Double fold of our fortunes (Job 42:10)
  3. All the products of the fields (2Kings 8:6)
  4. Health (Jeremiah 30:17)
  5. Life (John 10:37-39)
  6. All that the devil has stolen from us (1 Samuel 30:18)

The Minister thereafter charged the congregation with the steps for their restoration to be actualized. He noted that the first thing to do is Repentance (2 chronicles 7:14), followed by Fellowship (John 21:15) and Prayers (Genesis 27:39-40). The man of God rounded off the message with prophetic declarations.

Direct Quotes by Rev. Ubokobong Friday

  • “You are restored to restore others”
  • “Whatever you lost, the Lord is bringing it back”
  • The devil cannot use what belongs to you; he can only take it for a while”
  • “Everything that was kept somewhere must be returned back to you today”
  • “God can never appear late; He is always on time”
  • “Jesus is bringing you back to life”
  • “Anybody that stands in the way of your restoration must be taken away”
  • “Because you are called an outcast, your restoration is now”
  • “Your fighters shall become your friend”

Highlights of the Service

  • Song Ministration by Main Choir, Youth Fellowship Choir, and Junior Choir.
  • Sermon by Rev. Ubokobong Friday on the topic “Restoration”
  • Inauguration of Educational/Training Committee
  • Prophetic Declarations/Deliverance
  • Prayers/Supplications
  • Financial Support for Samuel Bill Theological College