Elder Etete Peters gave a timely message to Christians to stay hopeful tagged “Restoring the Lost Glory”. The Bible Reading was taken from Haggai 2:1-9, while verse 9 was the verse of emphasis.

The man of God commenced his sermon by giving a background to discouraging situations. He declared, just as the Israelites in the Bible text felt discouraged, it is not unusual for humans to face discouragements. He highlighted his assertion with the current realities of the world, and the storms our country is going through. However, the Elder charged Christians to stay strong, being hopeful that very soon the storms will be over and the glory of the Lord will be made manifest in their lives.

The preacher for the day went further to reference scriptures that will inspire hope and encourage Christians to keep the faith (Isaiah 41:10, 1 Chronicles 28:20).  He made known that in order for the past glory to be restored, the Congregation should tread on the Ancient Path, which is leaving our old ways and walking in the way of the New Covenant so that our past glories might be restored.

The Elder concluded the sermon by reassuring Christians that the Ancient Path brings the glory of God, and the glory covers all aspects of our lives.

Direct Quotes by Elder Prof. Etete Peters

“In the place of discouragement, there’s always an encouraging situation”

“No matter the situation, it will never last forever”

“God is more than able to deliver us from all afflictions”

“His glory covers all aspects of our lives”

Highlights of the Service

  • Song Ministrations by Main Choir, Men Fellowship Choir, and Youth Fellowship Choir
  • Sermon by Elder Prof. Etete Peters titled “Restoring the Lost Glory”
  • The Presence of the General Superintendent, Rev & Dcns Ekpedeme Efanga
  • Communion Session Conducted by Rev. Ekpedeme Efanga
  • Financial Support for the National Youth Fellowship and QIC Ifa Ikot Idang
  • Prophetic Declarations by Rev. Ekpedeme Efanga