REV. O. T. BENSON GIVES AN EXPOSITION ON TREADING THE ANCIENT PATH OF FAITH Rev. O. T. Benson presented a teaching on the topic “Treading the Ancient Path of Faith for Exceeding Progress” during the last Sunday Service of the Month. The Bible reading was taken from Hebrews 11:13. The Superintendent, after appreciating the previous preachers on related topics (Elder Enobong Atat and Elder Dr. Aniekan Eyoh) gave the background of the word ‘Faith’. The man of God made it known that ‘Faith’ originated from the Greek word ‘Pistos’ meaning – trust, reliable and sure. The Preacher then proceeded to giving a definition of the word ‘faith’. He stated, according to Hebrews 11.1, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. After defining faith, the Cleric gave diverse views on faith. He commenced by declaring that faith is the foundation that gives believers confidence to stand; faith is the affirmative response to God’s will and His word, and faith is the acceptance of something simply because God has said it, referencing John 20. 29. He concluded by adding that faith is the Christian lifestyle. Furthermore, Scriptural men and women who treaded the Ancient path of Faith were highlighted with Hebrews 11. 4 – 31. Abel (verse 4), Enoch (verse 5), Noah (verse 7), Abraham (verse 8), Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Rahab (verses 20 – 31).The man of God then gave Christians a full assurance of their faith as being distinct from any other faith (Hebrews 11. 13). The Christian’s faith is transparent, transcendent, transformational and corresponding. In explanation, the Pastor highlighted that our faith teaches us to cross over obstacles, shut down walls, break through crowds and walk on water – even in the midst of storms.Rev. Benson continued with the exposition by stating that our faith enables us to survive the “fires of life” and overcome dens of lions. Our faith also empowers us to see the invisible, embrace the possible and hope for the incredible. It also enables us distinguish between the pathetic and the prophetic, especially in times like this. The man of God rounded off the message by charging the congregation and indeed all Christians to live by faith as it will enable them stand at all times.   DIRECT QUOTES BY REV. O. T. BENSON “Faith provides the substance in which we stand on”“Faith is the anchor, the substance that holds the Christian life” “Faith is the affirmative response of God’s will and His Word” “Operating in the atmosphere of God’s Word is Faith” “Our Faith gives us confidence that our tomorrow is better than today”.